The die has been cast, the votes are in, and the third annual Re:Write Conference is officially in the works! We will be teaming up with Ted Dekker this year to introduce The Ragged Edge, a new fiction component of the conference. What this means is that Re:Write the Ragged Edge will be hosting daily seminars split up into fiction and non-fiction categories.

As always, the goal of Re:Write the Ragged Edge is to provide aspiring fiction and non-fiction authors with the most up-to-date, relevant information to make their dreams a reality presented by those who have found success in the book industry. This year’s lineup will include new speakers as well as past favorites all eager to share their inside look at writing, publishing, and everything in between.

Join us once again in Austin, Texas, for the opportunity to hear some of the most renowned authors and publishers speak on crafting your art, keeping up with the ever-changing world of publishing, and reaching people who need your message. Re:Write is not just a weekend out of your busy schedule; it is an investment in your future and a jumpstart to your writing career.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Rethink your platform. Turn content into profit. Get your message where it’s never gone before!

Register today and Re:Write your future!

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